Secondary Classes

For students aged 16 to 21.

There are three secondary classes.  One class consist of 8 students, 1 teaching assistant and a teacher [8:1:1] and two classes consists of 12 students, 1 teaching assistant and 1 teacher [12:1:1]


Pathways to post school options

The secondary students follow a curriculum focused on reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.  The curriculum focuses on developing pathways to post school options.

Technology plays a major role in our interactive classrooms where iPads, computers, projectors are used to enhance the learning experience.

Coupled with our art, dance and gym programs, each discipline is carefully planned and executed to encourage a holistic approach to learning.

A transition to post school life

In these years, students develop greater independence of mind and interests.  They seek deeper connections between their learning and the world around them and explore how learning might be applied in that world.  They need to experience learning in work and community settings as well as the classroom.  They are beginning to develop preferred areas for their learning.

These years are a true transition and aim to assist students with disabilities and impairments to develop confidence and competence in the skills to function in post-school employment, further education and training, leisure and recreation and home and community living.

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