Intermediate Classes

A place where students, aged 12-15, learn to develop initiative skills.

There are four intermediate classes.  Three classes consist of 8 students, 1 teaching assistant and a teacher [8:1:1] and one class consists of 12 students, 1 teaching assistant and 1 teacher [12:1:1].

Provides the basis for in-depth learning

In these years, students' progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed.  An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in-depth learning within all domains in the common core curriculum.  We adapt our curriculum to accommodate each child's unique intellectual needs to enable each student to reach their potential.


Aligned with New York State learning standards

Aligned with the New York State learning standards, our intermediate classes prepare the students to successfully transition back to a community public school.



Develops initiative skills

Teachers and students work together to develop skills of initiative, independence and a sense of pride and purpose.  The school encourages students to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and a growth in social and emotional maturity.

Students will develop a range of independent skills that allow them to develop the capacity to manage their own lives, relate competently to others and to interact effectively with the world around them.


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