Elementary Classes

We help students aged 5 to 12 reach their full potential.

There are three elementary classes.  Two classes consist of 8 students, 1 teaching assistant and a teacher [8:1:1] and one class consists of 12 students, 1 teaching assistant and 1 teacher [12:1:1]

A secure and supportive place to learn

At Lorge, students experience a secure and supportive place to learn to the best of their ability.  Teachers foster an environment that is positive and productive.  All children are encouraged to develop their communication and independence skills, attempt new challenges and to accept responsibility for their learning and their behavior.

A transition back to public school

The curriculum for the primary classes is aligned with New York State learning standards and prepares students to successfully transition back to a public school following their enrollment at Lorge.

The curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviors in literacy and math and other areas including physical and social capacities, which underpin all future learning.

Integrated curriculum activities that have an emphasis on the acquisition of literacty and math skills form a major part of the curriculum.  Learning is supported through the usage of iPads, computers, and projectors utilizing a multi-sensory teaching approach.

A support for students to reach their full potential

At Lorge, we understand that a child's experience during their elementary school years plays a major part in their educational outlook.

For that reason, we strive hard to help our students reach their full potential while recognizing that each one grows, learns and develops in their own unique way.

We believe that providing a sage and nurturing setting is fundamental to creating the best learning environment.  In short, our primary school classrooms are built on a foundation of mutual respect.  Our staff support and value the individuality of the students by embracing their personalities, respecting their decisions and clearly explaining all instructions in a fair and gentle manner.

In return, every student learns to model similar behavior towards his or her teachers.


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