The Clinical Department consists of four licensed social workers.

Clinical social workers provide individual and group counseling consistent with each student's IEP.

At a minimum, students receive thirty minutes of individual counseling and forty-five minutes of group counseling each week.  The counseling goals for each child are unique and are approached using multiple strategies.

Some of the more common group goals address communication skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, and the development and use of respectful behaviors. Older students may discuss with their counselor matters of employment, household management, and decision making.

The Social Workers at Lorge work closely with teachers and parents to support student success.

Social Workers are assigned to specific classes and as a result they develop an effective partnership with teachers and parents to increase student progress.

Social Workers also provide case management and serve as liaison with outside agencies as well as making referrals to acquire and coordinate community and city resources.

Socual workers make themselves available whenever a student is experiencing a particulatly difficult moment.  They work with the student to regain equilibrium and transition back to class.

Social Workers are knowledgeable with psychiatric diagnosis and medication management and are ready to assist parents and teachers in how to deal with psychiatric issues of students.

Many students at Lorge need and welcome the support and guidance of the social workers because it enables them to acquire the social skills and emotional maturity necesary for their success and well-being.  Such services are an integral part of our program.
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