Every child is an artist and harnessing this natural creativity is the goal of the Lorge School Art Program.

Designed to promote and develop creativity and artistic literacy, the visual arts help students appreciate their own abilities as well as those around them.

All students have two art classes each week.  The program is conducted in traditional art studio environment.  Students' projects cover a multitude of art forms: painting, printmaking, textiles/fashion, photography, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and design.

Our Art Program gives students an opportunity to express themselves through the creation of valid, vivid and exciting images and forms.  It contributes to the development of a positive self-image and emphasizes the importance of the individual through practical art activities.

The Art Program contributes to the development of the individual.  It aims to release and enhance the full intellectual and creative potential of all students by enabling them to think and respond in action through a wide range of artistic experiences and broader understanding of visual culture.  Students are encouraged to take risks and to experiment in the exploration of personal responses to work undertaken.

The program also aims to develop, in the students, critical skills and an understanding of aesthetics, both within the arts and beyond.  The curriculum develops confidence in self-expression, helping students to make informed choices.
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